Procurement Services

It is the mission of Procurement Services to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of goods and service acquisition processes and functions; promote fiscal responsibility and stewardship of State resources; and, help improve the internal and external customer satisfaction for GSFIC.

Procurement Services routinely solicits bids and proposals from a large number of vendors. Opportunities are advertised on the Internet via the Georgia Procurement Registry Web site which is hosted by the State Purchasing section of the Department of Administrative Services. Procurement Services may also solicit bids and proposals via advertisements in various newspapers in Georgia.

As a public interface office of the State of Georgia, the Procurement Services division is charged with providing information and assistance to citizens, vendors and contractors. The Procurement Services division has an important role in engaging vendors and contractors to provide important services for projects and other activities which generate economic benefits to the citizens of the State of Georgia. In this role, we work in partnership with qualified businesses to contract directly for goods, equipment, construction and services.

The Procurement Services Division is responsible for the centralized procurement of goods and services for GSFIC. Purchases and Contracts are awarded based on competitive processes whenever practicable, and all qualified vendors are invited to participate in competitive opportunities.

Some of the goods and services acquired by Procurement Services include:

  • Construction services
  • Architectural and Engineering Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Property Lease proposals
  • Operational engineering and housekeeping supplies
  • Building materials
  • Public facility equipment
  • Audio-visual and lighting equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Office supplies
  • Printing and Signage services
  • Maintenance services
  • Landscaping equipment
  • Repair services

Procurement Services maintains a file of vendors in appropriate service and commodity categories and also accesses lists maintained by the Department of Administrative Services “State Purchasing” office. Individuals and firms interested in receiving additional information may contact Procurement Services at:

GSFIC Procurement Services Division
ATTN: Director of Procurement Services
270 Washington Street, NW
Atlanta, Georgia, USA 30334
Telephone: 404-463-5600
Fax: 404-463-5699

To maintain orderly operation, sales visits by salespersons and other vendor/contractor representatives to Procurement Services are limited to Tuesdays through Thursdays. Salespersons should make appointments in advance with the appropriate Procurement Services personnel.

Minority and Small Business Enterprise
It is the policy of the state of Georgia that minority-owned business enterprises (MBE), woman-owned business enterprises (WBE) and small business enterprises (SBE), have a fair and equal opportunity to participate in the state purchasing process. Therefore, the Owner encourages all MBE, WBE and SBE to compete for contracts to provide goods, services, and construction, and encourages contractors to solicit MBE, WBE and SBE in procuring subcontractors and suppliers. This desire on the part of the Owner is not intended to restrict or limit competitive bidding or to increase the cost of the work. The Owner supports a healthy free market system that seeks to include responsible businesses and provides ample opportunity for business growth and development.

Contractors and subcontractors who utilize qualified minority subcontractors may qualify for a Georgia state income tax credits for qualified payments made to minority subcontractors.  In accordance with the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) Section 48-7-38, when computing taxable net income of a Georgia based corporation, partnership, or individual, there shall be subtracted from federal taxable income or federal adjusted gross income 10 percent of the amount of qualified payments to certified minority subcontractors for state-agency-related construction projects. For more information on filing only, contact the Georgia Department of Revenue at 404-417-2399.

A company cannot receive an MBE Certification with the state of Georgia government without first receiving the DBE certification. To obtain information on the DBE/MBE Certification contact:

Georgia Department of Transportation
One Georgia Center
600 West Peachtree NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

DOAS Supplier Relations
200 Piedmont Avenue, S.E.
Suite 1308, West Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-9010

Open Records
Our records at the Procurement Services Division are open and accessible to the public in accordance with the provisions of the Georgia Open Records Act. Visit our Records Maintenance section for more information.