Construction Division Leadership

The Construction Division oversees capital outlay projects and provides construction management services to state entities, and is led by Georgia's State Property Officer and the Deputy Executive Director of the Division. 

GSFIC Org Chart

Marty Smith Bio
State Property Officer
Executive Director, Georgia Building Authority
Executive Director, State Properties Commission
Director, Construction Division, Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission 

Marvin Woodward Bio
Deputy Director, Construction Division, Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission 

Gerald Pilgrim Bio
Chief of Staff
Deputy Executive Director, Georgia Building Authority

Stacey Peace Bio
Statewide Coordinator, Americans With Disabilities Act

Carmen Cureton Bio
Director, Construction Services

Gifton Passley Bio
Assistant Director, Construction Services

Alex Volodarsky Bio
Director, Accounting

Jeff Lacks Bio
Director, Procurement Services

Jason Parker Bio
Quality Assurance Manager

John Jefferson Bio
Director, Design Review Services

Lisa Sharpton Bio
Director, Human Resources

Alan Perry Bio
Chief Technology Officer

April King Bio
Chief Financial Officer

Alisa Pereira Bio
Director, Legal Services