Peach Program

The purpose of the Georgia Peach Program is to rate and recognize buildings owned or managed by the state that optimize energy performance, increase the demand for materials and furnishings produced in Georgia, improve the environmental quality in this State, conserve energy, protect the State’s natural resources, and reduce the burden on the State’s water supply.

The Georgia Peach Green Building Rating System recognizes and rates construction projects for energy efficiency and Sustainable Construction Standards. Certified projects must include the following to meet minimum requirements, though points are not awarded: Fundamental Commissioning; Water-Use Reduction; and Georgia-based Materials. Incentive points are awarded for: Additional (Enhanced) Commissioning; Water-Use Reduction; Georgia-based Materials and Resources; and Energy Modeling and Life Cycle Cost Analysis. Peach levels are awarded based on the following point certification levels: 1 Peach (12-30 points); 2 Peaches (31-50 points); 3 Peaches (51-70 points); and 4 Peaches (71-100 points).