Debarred, Suspended or Ineligible Entities

The Debarred, Suspended or Ineligible Firms List includes information regarding entities that are debarred, suspended, or otherwise ineligible for award of contracts by or with the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission (“GSFIC”). 

Ineligible Entities

In 1989, GSFIC adopted a policy that prevents GSFIC from awarding contracts to any contractor that is in default. The policy specifically states:

“A contractor that has been declared in default or a contractor that is owned or controlled by the same person(s), firm(s), or corporations(s) or is a parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate of a contractor that has been declared in default, shall not be eligible for award of an additional contract until the default has been cured.”

Additionally, GSFIC’s standard CM/GC and DBB Contracts provide that a Contractor that fails to meet the Final Completion Date is ineligible for award of contract under certain circumstances. 

Entities listed as “Ineligible” on the Debarred, Suspended or Ineligible Entities List include those entities that are currently in default under the terms of a contract with GSFIC and those entities that are ineligible pursuant to a contract provision or agreement.

Debarred or Suspended Entities

In 2001, the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission adopted the debarment policy provided below to formally debar entities from contracting with GSFIC.  The Debarment Policy provides causes for debarment and requires a formal hearing process to ensure that all parties are given notice and an opportunity to be heard.  The Debarment Policy is intended to be fair to those subject to debarment while recognizing GSFIC’s duty to Georgia taxpayers to ensure the quality of construction projects. 

Entities listed as “Debarred” are those entities that have been formally debarred pursuant to GSFIC’s Debarment Policy.  Entities are listed as “Suspended” when debarment has been requested and the Director has determined there is probable cause to debar the entity, but no final decision has been made pursuant to the Debarment Policy. 

Please contact GSFIC Legal Services at (404) 463-5640 with any questions regarding the Debarred, Suspended or Ineligible Entities List.