Continuing Disclosures

Annual Filings

In complying with the SEC Rule 15c2-12, the State's Continuing Disclosure Agreement requires the annual filing of the following:

  1. Audited financial statements;
  2. If material generally accepted accounting principles have changed since the submission of the last Annual Filing, a narrative explanation describing the impact of such changes on the Issuer; and
  3. Information for the preceding fiscal year regarding the following categories of financial information and operating data of the Issuer:
    • Authorized indebtedness
    • State treasury receipts, legal debt margin, and debt ratios
    • Assessed valuation
    • Revenue Shortfall Reserve
    • State revenues
    • Analysis of general fund receipts
    • Summary of appropriation allotments
    • Monthly cash investments
    • Purchase for cancellation of state general obligation debt and state guaranteed debt

MSRB Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA)

EMMA, a website administered by the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), is the comprehensive source for official statements, continuing disclosure documents, advance refunding documents and real-time trade price information on municipal securities. In compliance with Rule 15c2-12, the State disseminates annual financial information and event notices to the MSRB's EMMA website. The CUSIP numbers for Georgia General Obligation Bonds begin with 373384 or 373385.

Related Files

Official Statements

Other recent Official Statements are located at:


Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

The State of Georgia's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is an annual publication prepared by Georgia's State Accounting Office.

The entire Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, for the five most recently available fiscal years, is reflected below under "Related Files."

Related Files