Rating Reports - G.O. Bonds

General Obligation Bonds

The Georgia Constitution allows the use of general obligation debt for the following purposes:

  • to acquire, construct, develop, extend, enlarge, or improve land, waters, property, highways, buildings, structures, equipment, or facilities of the State, its agencies, departments, institutions, and of certain State authorities;
  • to provide educational facilities for county and independent school systems and for public library facilities for county and independent school systems, counties, municipalities, and board of trustees of public libraries or board of trustees of public library systems, and;
  • to make loans to counties, municipal corporations, political subdivisions, local authorities, and other local government entities for water or sewerage facilities or systems, or for regional or multi-jurisdictional solid waste recycling or solid waste facilities or systems.

Georgia's general obligation bonds currently are assigned the highest credit rating by Fitch, Moody's, and Standard and Poor's rating agencies.

Below are the most recent rating reports.